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Are you in search of a durable, attractive flooring option for a commercial residential facility in Toronto, Mississauga and Markham?

Whether a fresh new pour or an old existing slab all concrete has the ability to be ground and polished. Very popular in restaurants and bars Polished Concrete has become a very economical way to finish a floor. Very durable and very attractive make it a possible solution in any industrial, commercial or residential environment. From a condo to an Art Gallery, Jupiter Protective Flooring can transform any substrate to a beautiful floor.

Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc. offers polished concrete, a flooring alternative which offers unparalleled strength and beauty. It is effective in a number of locations, such as in restaurants, bars, condos, garages, factories, and more.

Our highly qualified staff works with speed and precision, using the latest and highest quality materials and equipment. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and a superior product every time.

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Concrete Polishing and Finishing

While originally used for industrial purposes, polished concrete is quickly becoming a highly popular flooring alternative for homes and businesses alike.

Polished concrete offers low maintenance, toughness, and extreme durability. It’s also extremely cost-effective. Any concrete surface can be buffed and ground to a high degree of shine and reflectivity. Once complete, a conventional concrete floor will more closely resemble a floor of polished stone.

Polished concrete is also a highly customizable option for floors. Concrete can be polished to a range of distinct finishes, from satin to glossy. Depending on the effect you want, polishing concrete can yield similar finishes to polished granite or marble.

Concrete polishing involves sealing as well, and can be stained or dyed to achieve nearly any colour. It can also be decorated with engraving or graphic stencils for a truly distinctive and beautiful floor.

Due to its sheer resilience and ease of maintenance, polished concrete is a particularly great choice for industrial and commercial settings. However, home and apartment owners can enjoy the benefits of polished concrete floors. The results are every bit as artistic and elegant as fine stone flooring, without the astronomical price tag.

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Polished Concrete Installation

As long as it is dry, both new and existing concrete can be polished successfully.

Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc. will begin by performing a full assessment of your concrete surface prior to polishing.

Polished concrete involves the use of state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. The first step will be going over the concrete with a metal matrix, which removes stains and any uneven areas.

The concrete will then be treated with concrete polishing disks, with gradual increases in the grit levels depending on the desired finish.

A sealant is also applied, which hardens and reinforces the polished concrete. This sealant eliminates the need for final coatings.

In no time, your beautiful polished concrete floor will be complete and ready for years of low-maintenance use.

Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete flooring has many advantages in commercial and residential uses. You’ll save significantly on flooring maintenance costs overtime. Polished concrete floors do not require waxes or dusting—mopping will suffice.

Polished concrete is also known for its durability. Its resistance to scratching, staining, and foot and vehicle traffic make it a fantastic choice. It’s an environmentally friendly alternative, as it doesn’t require hazardous floor coverings or coating solutions.

Lastly, polished concrete offers unexpected beauty, with a variety of stains, designs, and levels of glossiness to choose from.

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