Epoxy Coating:

Epoxy coating is the most popular form of a sealing the floor for your work environment. A properly prepped floor will give you years of service and help protect your floor from the daily wear and tear of operations. Epoxy by nature is very resistant to chemical attack so is the logical choice among manufacturing facilities. With a wide range of colours Epoxy can be tinted to almost any colour, providing traffic aisles, safety lines and no walk areas. If slippery conditions are a concern silica sand can be broadcast into the epoxy offering a textured floor for a safer work environment. Most epoxy installations can be done in two to three days and work can be performed on the weekends so only minor interruptions occur in your production schedules. A Jupiter Protective Flooring sales professional can give you a free consultation and design a system that best suits your budget and your requirements.

Epoxy Mortar System:

An answer for more heavy duty environments Epoxy mortar is usually troweled at a nominal thickness of 1/8” to 1/4”. It offers an incredible compressive strength of around 10,000PSI so can handle massive weight loads or high traffic areas. Mortar systems are then sealed with an epoxy coating.

Urethane Coating and Mortar System:

Primarily used in Food and Beverage Environments Urethane can handle any facility. Urethane has superior chemical resistance to epoxy and is designed for higher temperatures (industrial ovens) and withstanding thermal cycling (cold or hot water wash-downs) associated with food/beverage plants. CFIA approved products and quick installation times to keep production schedules running.

Dust Problem?

Are you losing an endless battle against dust? Is your valuable inventory constantly covered in dust?

Most places of work have a dust problem in their warehouse and operations floor but there is a simple solution to this issue. Jupiter Protective Flooring can resolve this issue permanently. Epoxy coating when installed correctly will give years and years of service and help to maintain a clean, safe working environment. Epoxy coating will completely seal the floor and prevent the mitigation of dust through the concrete.

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