Epoxy Flooring in Toronto, Mississauga and Markham

Are you looking to preserve the integrity of the floors in your industrial workspace, your warehouse, or your company’s garage facilities? If you think that epoxy flooring is the answer, you’re half right. After you decide to use epoxy coatings on your floors, however, you still need to find a reliable epoxy flooring contractor. Without the right epoxy flooring specialist in charge of your floors, you might just wind up with a whole lot of headaches and stress. Thankfully, Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc. is here to help you. We’re the licensed, insured and dedicated epoxy flooring specialists you need. Whether you’re looking for a decorative epoxy flooring system or a 100% solid epoxy system, we can help you. Call us today for a free quote on our epoxy flooring services!

Epoxy Flooring Services in Toronto, Mississauga and Markham

Every investment needs protection. That’s why we get concrete floors or wood floors in the first place! We want to have a strong foundation for our warehouse, factory, or gymnasium floor. But epoxy flooring is an investment in itself, and the process of applying epoxy to your floor shouldn’t be handled by just anyone. Your garage floor coating should be applied by professionals. Not just the company with the flashiest billboards or the most expensive tools, but the company with years of unmatched experience. Our hard-earned wisdom and professional secrets are but two of the many things Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc. brings to every project.

What else separates Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc. from the other companies who specialize in epoxy paint and garage floor epoxy? Our thorough and in-depth consultation process. This might seem a little excessive, but the preliminary stages of the epoxy flooring application are extremely important. It is during this period that we’ll determine which type of garage floor epoxy is right for your floor. We’ll also be looking for any problems with your floor that need to be addressed before applying the garage floor epoxy. For any epoxy coating to be a success, your floor must be primed and ready!

Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc. has been the go-to choice for many industries and facilities throughout Toronto, Mississauga and Markham area. The bottom line is this: When serious and discerning business owners and building managers need epoxy flooring, they seek out the most serious and diligent company around.

We’ve created picture-perfect flooring systems for industries and facilities of all kinds, including (but not limited to):

  • •Laboratories
  • •Gymnasiums
  • •Schools
  • •Warehouses
  • •Garages
  • •Pharmaceutical facilities
  • •Shopping centers
  • •And more!

Did we mention our rates are unbeatable? Call Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc. today for a free quote on our services and see for yourself.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings by Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc.

As local business owners ourselves, we know how disruptive maintenance work and renovations can be to everyday activities. That’s why Jupiter Protective Flooring Inc. is committed to working in a timely and non-disruptive fashion—all while not sacrificing quality! We’ll make sure our handiwork is pristine without halting standard operations for long.

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